Our story


Lead Staff

Jim, Tommy, Jake Keet, and Louis Petit

Steve Binotti
Executive Chef

Brent Lenners
General Manager

Alice Lindley
Assistant General Manager

Alan Napier
Beverage Director

“It all started when two friends shared a great bottle of wine”

Jim Keet and Louis Petit have been friends for almost four decades.  Their friendship blossomed from their shared passion for running exceptional restaurants.  One night in 2013, they got together for a glass of wine and started to seriously consider opening a unique restaurant together. This restaurant would capitalize on Louis’ reputation as being “the godfather of fine dining” in Arkansas; the Keet family’s history of running award winning restaurants in many genres.  In September of 2016, the former 1620/Savoy restaurant location came available, and they jumped on the opportunity to purchase the building. Tommy and Jake Keet, award winning restaurant operators in the Taziki’s brand, joined them as partners in the project.  Their dream was simple: to bring a beautiful new venue to Arkansas that is unique in every way. They hired Garry Mertins to collaborate on the project and to design a restaurant that would provide several different spaces to accommodate their guests regardless of the occasion.  They put together an outstanding staff including General Manager, Brent Lenners, and his wife Tyler, who serves as the Assistant GM and Event Coordinator, to help develop the concept. They then brought on Chef Steve Binotti and Beverage Director Alan Napier to assist in bringing their vision to fruition.  The dream is now a reality with food that is unique, delicious, beautiful, and priced fairly. The cuisine has been featured in numerous magazines, papers, and blogs as the best in Arkansas. The bar and patio have already been touted as the best bar in Arkansas, with an award winning wine list, and superb specialty cocktails.

 Louis, Jim, Tommy, Jake and their fantastic staff welcome you to a wonderful new experience... Petit and Keet.